Business Economics, Finance and Management Science
Prof. Felipe Aldunate

Assistant Professor of Finance
Ph.D Stanford Graduate School of Business

Prof. Raicho Bojilov

Assistant Professor of Strategy
Ph.D. Columbia University

Prof. David Buchuk

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Finance
Ph.D. University of Houston

Prof. Alvaro Bustos

Associate Professor of Strategy
Ph.D. Princeton University

Prof. Andrés Elberg

Assistant Professor of Marketing
Ph. D. University of California, Berkeley

Prof. Borja Larraín

Associate Professor of Finance
Ph.D. Harvard University

Prof. Mauricio Larraín

Assistant Professor of Finance
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley

Prof. Gastón Llanes

Associate Professor of Strategy
Ph.D. Carlos III University of Madrid

Prof. Ricardo Montoya

Associate Professor of Marketing
Ph.D. Columbia University

Prof. Carlos Parra

Assistant Professor of Finance
Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin

Prof. Joaquín Poblete

Associate Professor of Strategy
Ph.D. Northwestern University

Prof. Bernardo Quiroga

Assistant Professor of Operations and Management Science
Ph.D. The Pennsylvania State University

Prof. Cristian Ramírez

Assistant Professor of Strategy
Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles

Prof. Francisco Ruiz-Aliseda

Associate Professor of Strategy
Ph.D. Northwestern University

Prof. Gustavo Saraiva

Assistant Professor of Strategy
Ph.D. University of Maryland-College Park

Prof. Consuelo Silva

Assistant Professor of Finance
Ph.D. Tilburg University

Prof. Jorge Tarziján

Professor of Strategy
Ph.D. Northwestern University

Prof. José Tessada

Associate Professor of Finance
Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Prof. Marcela Valenzuela

Assistant Professor of Finance
Ph.D. London School of Economics

Prof. Vincent Van Kervel

Assistant Professor of Finance
Ph.D. Tilburg University

Prof. Eduardo Walker

Professor of Finance
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley

Selected Publications

Aldunate, Felipe; González, Felipe; Prem, Mounu; Urzúa, Francisco (forthcoming)
Privatization and Business Groups: Evidence from the Chicago Boys in Chile
Explorations in Economic History

Larraín, Mauricio; Calomiris, Charles; Schmukler, Sergio (forthcoming)
Capital Inflows, Equity Issuance Activity, and Corporate Investment
Journal of Financial Intermediation

Montoya, Ricardo; Musalem, Andres; Meissner, Martin; Huber, Joel (forthcoming) 
Components of Attentional Effort for Repeated Tasks
Journal of Behavioral Decision Making

Quiroga, Bernardo F.; Moritz, Brent B.; Guide Jr., V. Daniel R. (forthcoming)
The Role of Transparency in Procurement: Revealed versus Concealed Scoring Rules in Sealed Bid A + B Auctions
Journal of Operations Management

Tarziján, Jorge; Brahm, Francisco; Parmigiani, Anne (forthcoming)
Can Firms Be Both Broad and Deep? Exploring Interdependencies between Horizontal and Vertical Firm Scope
Journal of Management

Tarziján, Jorge; Murcia, María José; Panwar, Rajat (forthcoming)
Socially Responsible Firms Outsource Less
Business & Society

Llanes, Gastón; Poblete, Joaquín (2020)
Technology Choice and Coalition Formation in Standards Wars
Journal of Industrial Economics, 68:2, 270-297

Valenzuela, Marcela; James, Kevin (2020)
The Efficient IPO Market Hypothesis: Theory and Evidence
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 1-30

Aldunate, Felipe (2019)
Deposit Insurance, Bank Risk Taking, and Failures: Evidence from Early Twentieth-Century State Deposit Insurance Systems
Review of Corporate Finance Studies, 8:2, 260-301 (Winner of the RCFS Best Paper Award, 2020)

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Referrals and Search Efficiency: Who Learns What and When?
Journal of Labor Economics, 37:4, 1267-1300

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Explaining Difference in the Quantity of Cases Heard by Courts of Last Resort
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Competitive Strategy for Open and User Innovation
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A Hidden Markov Model to Detect On-Shelf Out-of-Stocks
Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 21:4, 932-948

Montoya, Ricardo; Flores, Constanza (2019) 
Buying Free Rewards: The Impact of a Points-Plus-Cash Promotion on Purchase and Reward Redemption
Marketing Letters, 30, 107-118

Quiroga, Bernardo F.; Moritz, Brent; Ovchinnikov, Anton (2019)
Behavioral Ordering, Competition and Profits: An Experimental Investigation
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Experimenting to Learn about Demand in Duopoly with Forward-Looking Consumers
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Systemic Risk and Competition Revisited
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People and Machines: A Look at the Evolving Relationships between Capital and Skill Manufacturing 1860-1930 Using Immigration Shocks
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Van Kervel, Vincent; Menkveld, Albert (2019)
High-Frequency Trading around Large Institutional Investors
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Aldunate, Felipe (2018) 
Firm Competition and CEO Turnover: Evidence from US Railroad Deregulation
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Are Supermarkets Squeezing Small Suppliers? Evidence from Negotiated Wholesale Prices
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The Effect of House Ads on Multichannel Sales
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