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event Publicación: 18/01/2023

Does the Community Reinvestment Act Improve Consumers’ Access to Credit?

Autor: Matthew C. Plosser

Co autores: Jacob Conway Jack N. Glaser

Abstract: We study the impact of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) on access to consumer credit since 1999 using an individual-level panel and three distinct identification strategies: a regression discontinuity design centered on a CRA-eligibility cutoff; a comparison of neighboring census blocks; and an event study of changes in eligibility. All three rule out a significant effect of the CRA on consumer borrowing. We show that this is in part explained by a shift in mortgages from nonbanks, which are free from CRA obligations, to banks in need of CRA-eligible mortgages. Our findings underscore the pitfalls of a circumscribed regulatory regime.