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event Publicación: 13/09/2023

Anti-Poaching Agreements, Innovation, and Corporate Value: Evidence from the Technology Industry

Autor: Daniel Ferrés

Co autores: Gaurav Kankanhalli, Pradeep Muthukrishnan

Abstract: The U.S. Department of Justice initiated antitrust action in 2010 against major Silicon Valley technology firms engaging in anti-poaching agreements. Under labor market collusion, cartel firms experienced lower inventor departure rates relative to comparable non-cartel firms. Accordingly, cartel firms produced superior innovation output over the collusive period, particularly in technology areas covered by the agreements, while their dissolution was accompanied by a reversal of this trend. Event-study tests around the unanticipated antitrust action show a negative returns response. Our results reveal important linkages between reduced employee turnover arising from firms' anti-competitive conduct in labor markets and their innovation and valuations.