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Escuela de Administración

Career Development

From day one our students begin the process of professional and personal growth , starting with a 360 ° assessment . This is complemented with courses, workshops and electives chosen accordingly to the areas they want to develop and the path they have chosen for their career. Leadership skills are essential for anyone who works in strategic positions within a company , so in MBA -UC we give students the opportunity to work their personal management skills and interpersonal relationships.

Diagnostics & Coaching

Guided by coaches and through various techniques of self-knowledge , such as the MBTI and 360 ° evaluations, students are given the foundations to identify their challenges and the tools to start working on their own careers.

Career-building Workshops & Lectures

We offer various workshops every quarter, where students can take a more active role in their learning, working on personal management skills and interpersonal relations. In addition, MBA-UC organizes lectures so as to give students different views of the market, through the eyes of companies and headhunters.

Suggested reads and movies

We have created a portfolio of leadership movies, books and articles, in addition to academic material, we suggest our students watch and read in order to complement their personal and professional development.

Guidance & Further Training

Throughout the program, we guide our students on which electives and workshops they should take, according to the areas they want to develop and the path they have chosen for their career.
Additionally, we have alliances with a number of external suppliers so all students who are interested in further train