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Escuela de Administración UC

MBA Ingenieros Comerciales y Civiles Industriales

Flexible program for candidates with a Chilean undergraduate degree in business or industrial engineering

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MBA executive

Program with classes 3 times a week (18-21hrs), designed for professionals from all backgrounds

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MBA weekend

Intensive program with classes all day Friday and Saturday, every other week

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Our programs have updated mandatory and elective courses. The courses cover different areas within the organization, in a context of global strategic thinking and an integrated view of company.

Within our curriculum we highlight the General Management course, which is mandatory for all our MBA students. The aim is to analyze the effects strategic guidelines, from a specific department, have on the organization as a whole, giving students the tools to enhance complementarities within the company and create value, all through the integrated vision with which strategic issues are discussed in class.

MBA & UC Electives

We offer annually more than 45 elective courses in areas such as Finance, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Global Management, Marketing, Innovation, Leadership, Human Resources, Operations and Sustainability, allowing each student to go deeper into the areas of their interest and create the program that best suits them.

Our students may also take electives from other masters programs given by the University, as are the LLM, Innovation Master or Human Resources Master.