Banco BCI and the Corporacion Credito al Menor

Koljatic, M., Silva, M.

2003 | Koljatic, M., Silva, M

Harvard Business School

Banco BCI and the Corporacion Credito al Menor

Corporacion Credito al Menor (CCM) was created to protect young girls at risk from abandonment, poverty, or abuse. The CCM was developed from within Banco BCI, a local bank. The early proponents were the managers of BCI and the bank controller, who provided funds out of their own pockets to finance the nascent institution. Later, the bank contributed with additional funding. Though there was no legal agreement that tied the CCM to Banco BCI, in time a de facto commitment and collaboration developed between the two organizations. The nonprofit grew and faced the challenge of expanding its facilities to other regions of the country. The decision to expand required finding new sources of funding for CCM and considering going beyond the bank’s boundaries to seek new donors. However, this latter option might threaten the special relationship forged between CCM and BCI. Illuminates the process by which individual business leaders can become social entrepreneurs.

Publicado en: Harvard Business School

Artículo: Casos , Sustentabilidad y Responsabilidad Social