2013 | Scaraboto, D., Vargas, C., Costa, D.

Brazilian Administration Review

How consumers persuade each other: Rhetorical strategies of interpersonal influence in online communities

Persuasive messages are central to interpersonal influence in online communities, where consumers interact mainly through text. We employed a combination of netnography and computer-mediated discourse analysis to investigate how consumers exchange information related to products and brands in an online community. We identified a set of rhetorical strategies used by community members, including setting expectations, claiming expertise, prescribing, and celebrating acquiescence. Consumers employ these rhetorical strategies to influence each other’s consumption decisions, report consumption decisions back to the community, and to gauge their influence on each other’s choices. We compare this process to traditional types of interpersonal influence and discuss how our findings contribute to advancing the burgeoning literature on interpersonal influence in online contexts.


Publicado en: Brazilian Administration Review

Artículo: No ISI , Marketing