forthcoming | Kausel, E., Ventura, S., Vargas, M., Díaz, D., Vicencio, F.

Personality and Individual Differences

IF 2017 : 1,967 |

AI 2017 : 0,726

Does Facial Structure Predict Academic Performance?

In the present study, we examined whether facial width-to-height ratio (fWHR) is related to academic performance among students in an undergraduate business and economics program. In addition, we sought to test whether this relationship was greater in non-quantitative courses than in courses in which quantitative elements have a more important role. Also, given that previous researchers have found that some of the effects of fWHR on social outcomes are stronger among men than among women, we tested whether the fWHR–academic performance relationship was moderated by gender. We found that fWHR was related to academic performance, but only in non-quantitative courses. Results suggested no such relationship in quantitative courses. Contrary to our expectations, the fWHR–academic performance relationship was not moderated by gender.


Publicado en: Personality and Individual Differences