2016 | Guesalaga, R., Pierce, M., Scaraboto, D.

International Marketing Review

IF-2015 : 1,588 |

AI-2015 : 0.497

Cultural Influences on Expectations and Evaluations of Service Quality in Emerging Markets.

This paper explores cultural sources of variation on consumers’ expectations and evaluations of service quality within local emerging markets. We employ a multi-method approach. Our multi-method research design utilizes (a) netnography to examine foreign consumers’ blogs and online communities; (b) interviews with local and foreign consumers to unveil critical incidents in service encounters; and (c) an online survey of 139 foreign consumers living in Chile and 460 Chilean consumers to map differences in their expectations and evaluations of services.

A general analysis of local and foreign consumers living in an emerging market reveals that these two groups do not differ significantly in their expectations of service quality. We also find that differences in expectations and evaluations of service quality within a local emergent market are only partially explained by aggregating consumers according to their country or region of origin.  Finally, our findings demonstrate that examining cultural differences at the individual level generates a better understanding of how cultural factors impact consumer expectations and evaluations of service quality within emerging markets.


Publicado en: International Marketing Review

Artículo: ISI , Marketing