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MBA Engineers

Comercial and Industrial Engineers

"Obtaining an MBA grade is surely a challenge and I believe that many of us are here to pursue this challenge. The Engineer format provides more flexibility enabling each one to explore deeper in those subjects of higher interest”, Rodrigo Arrigorriaga.

Cierre de postulaciones: 30 de agosto 2017
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Pontificia Universidad Católica’s MBA prepares those high potential professionals to deal with the challenges inherent to a greatly complex and changing environment. The program’s main purpose is to conduct its pupils into becoming executives who may take the lead in a business context defined by uncertainty and change.

This academic program has been devised for professionals holding a Commercial Engineer or a Civil Industrial Engineer degree granted by Chilean universities, showing a working experience of 3 to 10 years from graduation and who would wish to complement their working knowledge with a syllabus of internationally recognized excellence. It offers two openings, early March and early December.

This version provides students with a flexible course structure adaptable to its undergraduate experience and future requirements as a course validation process is carried out. This is a case-by-case procedure thus establishing the set of mandatory and eligible courses most appropriate for each student, once accepted in the program.


  • A stimulating blend of courses conducted by teachers with postgraduate qualifications from world-class business schools, case analysis and workshops focused on enhancing directive capacities.
  • Compatible with regular working hours (evening program)
  • Flexible program allowing the student to better accommodate the academic demand
  • The program convenes a select group of executives and directors
  • Adequate mix of theory and practice in every given course
  • Ample array of eligible courses and participation in courses given by top rated visiting teachers
  • Program offered by a regional leading institution, focused in the Latin-American environment
  • Effective exchange programs with more than 60 universities around the world
  • Dual-degree programs with University of Texas, Austin (USA), HEC (France), WHU (Germany) and Torcuato de Tella (Argentina)


Our students are leaders among peers and are constantly looking for growth opportunities and further development. They are involved in company, country and regional enhancement, pursuing positive changes in the areas they are related to as well as improving life quality.

As an average, 70% of students are males with a group average age of 35 years.

Cristián Díaz, MBA Ingenieros Comerciales y Civiles Industriales

"Es una buena experiencia para refrescar las materias de la universidad y de volver a estar vigente en cuanto a conocimiento."

Malla y Cursos: estructura sugerida

General Management
Elective Course
Elective Course Elective Course
Elective Course
Elective Course
Elective Course
Leadership & Organizational Change
Elective Course
Elective Course
Elective Course
Research Case Study


  • Strategy
    • Strategy Analysis of Industries and Markets
    • High Direction
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • General Management
    • Strategic Management in the Entertainment Industry
    • Strategic Management in Mining
    • Strategy Implementation
    • Managing for Growth and Profitability
    • Game Theory



  • Finanzas
    • International Investment Banking
    • Accounting for Management
    • Financial Management I
    • Financial Management II
    • Project Evaluation and Real Options
    • Corporate Finance
    • Project Finance
    • International Finance
    • Derivatives and Risk Management
    • Tax Management
    • Practical Issues in Fixed Income



  • Marketing
    • Business Management
    • Brand Strategy
    • Global Strategic Marketing
    • Industrial Marketing
    • International Marketing
    • Marketing Strategy Decision Models
    • Pricing and Promotions
    • Social Media for Marketing and Management



  • Operations
    • Operations Management
    • Business Project Implementation



  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Management of Knowledge and Innovation
    • Innovation Lab



  • Leadership and Human Resources
    • Behavioral Issues in Management
    • Human Capital
    • Organizational Behavior
    • Leadership Fundamentals
    • Leadership and Organizational Change



  • Economics
    • International Economics
    • Economics for Management
    • Global Economic Environment



  • Statistics
    • Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making
    • Quantitative Methods



  • Global Management
    • Conducting Business in India
    • Doing Business in China
    • Global Network for Advanced Management
    • Latin American Business Network Meetings
    • International Business
    • International Seminar



Jorge Tarziján

Jorge Tarziján

MBA-UC Director

Ingeniero Comercial, PUC; MBA, Université Catholique de Louvain, Bélgica; Ph.D. in Managerial Economics and Strategy, Kellogg, Northwestern University, EE.UU.


  • Grades Certificate (approved and failed)
  • Title Certificate
  • Graduation Ranking Certificate
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • CV
  • Four photos ID size
  • Isapre Affiliation Certificate (Health Insurance Certificate)



  • Commercial Engineer or Civil Engineer Degree from a Chilean University
  • Minimum 3-year working experience in responsibility positions
  • Command of English language at reading level
  • Personal interview
  • Application charge of Ch$53.100 (non refundable)


Price: $14.000.000, includes materials

Admissions March 2017

Apply online

Contact and more information

Joanna Herzfeld

Teléfono: +56223542048


Dirección: Av. Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins 440, piso 5. Santiago Centro.