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Center of knowledge

World-class professors, case discussions and exchange of ideas from students with various backgrounds.


We have various international experiences, from one-week programmes to one-year experiences, so our students can find the right fit for them.

Professional Development

Students are in constant contact with head hunters and coaches, who guide them through a career change or help them to better position themselves in the market.

MBA 4 Life

Unique opportunity where MBA-UC graduates can attend elective courses, to update concepts and deepen their understanding in specific areas.


MBA-UC aims to strengthen relations among students and graduates through various clubs, seminars, events, company visits among other activities.


With programmes that have class in different hours and a wide array of elective and intensive courses, everyone can create the programme that best fits for them.

Alumni Network

All alumni are encouraged to continue being a part of all the MBA-UC experiences, with exclusive activities showcased on the intranet, based on 4 pillars:

  • Continuous learning
  • Wide array of international experiences
  • Networking
  • Professional development


MBA-UC is accredited by the most important institutions worldwide, being one of the few business schools in Latin America which hold all these recognitions.

The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business is a north american organization that aims to heighten the quality of business schools throughout the world. 739 business schools and institutes, from 48 countries, belong to this association. Our Business School is accredited for 5 years.



EFMD (EQUIS, European Quality Improvement System) is a european organization recognized globally as an accreditation body of quality in management education with established accreditation services for business schools and business school programmes, corporate universities and technology-enhanced learning programmes. EQUIS assesses institutions as a whole, being 156 accredited institutions in total and only 10 in Latin America. Our Business School was re-accredited in 2013 for 3 years.

Comisión Nacional de Acreditaciones de Chile (CNA-Chile) is an autonomous public organism working to promote and verify quality of universities, professional institutes and centers for technical training and their programmes.

MBA-UC was accredited for 8 years, till 2019.




Since 1998, MBA-UC is a PIM member (Partnership in International Management), organization which allows student exchange and academic research with over 70 institutions from around the world.

MBA-UC is the only chilean member of GNAM, Global Network for Advanced Management, where 28 business schools from 24 countries work together developing global leaders for coming decades.





MBA-UC is also the only Chilean business school that participates in the International Consortium for Executive Education (UNICON), organization which brings together the best executive education institutions, and SUMAQ, from the Global Learning Network, which strives to create alliances between Latin America and Europe.





All our students have the opportunity to live an international experience. We have various options, from one-week programmes to one-year experiences, so our students can find the right fit for them.

Our students

Our students differ from other professionals mainly because they develop a comprehensive view of business :

Self management

Our students are able to create a strategic plan , defining short, medium and long term objectives while carrying out the plan fulfilling the goals.

International Perspective

We promote multicultural integration through the various international opportunities we offer our students, emphasizing a global view of the economy and the business world.

Corporate Governance

We aim to strengthen in our students a responsible kind of management, so that they work on behalf of nonprofit companies and institutions in Chile and Latin America.

Business Ethics

Nuestros alumnos tienen una sólida base conceptual, que junto a su habilidad analítica y su capacidad de resolución de problemas complejos, los prepara para tomar las decisiones adecuadas acorde a la realidad del momento.

Undegraduate degrees of our students

Faculty profile

We have a team of world-class faculty in research and teaching. They are constantly travelling and attending courses and conferences around the world, collaborating and researching with other professors from various american and european universities


Over the past 12 months, we have hired 8 new professors, who will join our prestigious faculty.


At least 10 visiting professors come every year from the best universities worldwide, teaching a wide array of elective courses for our MBA students.



Carrera de los profesores