Business Economics and Finance

The Business Economics and Finance Group conducts research on Applied Economics, Management and Finance, using the tools of Economic theory and Econometrics.


Álvaro Bustos

PhD Princeton University
Borja Larraín

PhD Harvard University
Eduardo Walker

PhD University of California at Berkeley
Gastón Llanes

PhD Carlos III University of Madrid
Joaquín Poblete

PhD Northwestern University
Jorge Tarziján

PhD Northwestern University
José Tessada

PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Julio Riutort

PhD University of Texas at Austin
Rosario Macera

PhD University of California at Berkeley

Selected Publications
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  • Brahm, Francisco and Jorge Tarzijan (forthcoming), "Boundary Choice Interdependency: Evidence from the Construction Industry," Industrial and Corporate Change.
  • Casadesus-Masanell, Ramon and Gaston Llanes (forthcoming), "Investment Incentives in Open-Source and Proprietary Two-Sided Platforms," Journal of Economics and Management Strategy.
  • Donelli, Marcelo, Borja Larraín and Felipe Varas (forthcoming), “Ownership Dynamics with Large Shareholders: An Empirical Analysis," Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.
  • Llanes, Gaston and Joaquin Poblete (forthcoming), "Ex-Ante Agreements in Standard Setting And Patent-Pool Formation," Journal of Economics and Management Strategy.
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